Saturday, August 16, 2014

អំបឹល និង សុខភាព (Salt & Health)

According to the new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was estimated that 1.65 million lives lost each year are a direct consequence to eating too much salt.   

Questions we should ask ourselves

Do we actually measure the amount of salt we consumed or added to our foods everyday? Do we really know for sure how much salt contents are already in a piece of food bought at fast foods outlet or in a bowl of noddle soup or in the grocery foods? And what is the safe and tolerated amount of salt intake per day?  

Based on the Global Burden of Disease group's report and model used to measure on the risk it is suggested that the safe or tolerated intake per day is 2 grams of sodium, or 5 grams salt. 

Matter of fact, on average, we consumed more then 9 times the amount we need, said Ms Rechter, CEO of VicHealth.   

What are the effect of excessive salt on health?

There are well established link between salt on health. The main two links are blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. There are also diseases such as gastric ulcer, stomach cancer and other 20 health problems.

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