Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cooked Vs Raw Vegetables

cooked and raw vegetables, which one is best for us? 

I would think that it is depending on our liking, health status and types of vegetables. There are many vegetables and leafy vegetable alike that could be consumed raw and some must be cooked.

In a new study by the Imperial college in London, shown that Steaming, blanching is best particularly for its nutrient and health benefits; The results and the that raw vegetables were associated with a lower blood pressure overall. 


For those who don't like raw vegetables at all may try to steam or blench the vegetables instead. 

With steaming or blanching vegetables, we still maintain most of the nutrients. 

When we cook our vegetable we actually change their chemical composition and can reduce the amount of antioxidants such as those water-soluble and heat-sensitive nutrients, such as vitamin C, glucosinolate and polyphenols. Cooking also can reduce a nutrient’s ease of absorption into the body. However certain vegetable such as tomatoes are best when cooked - known for absorption of other protective compounds, particularly carotenoids. 

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