Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spicy honey sesame bean curds

Don't think I stick to the ingredients and coking rule (what is going well with main ingredient). the truth is came home from work and the need for foods on the table after a long day on my feet but I always ensure that it is good enough, in term of control what are going to the food - main thing, and eating healthy foods.

By the way, I am sort of person who think "Eat to live and Not live to eat". I am not really a person of "Plating it up for attraction" either. Surely foods would look delicious with skillful plating and no deny about that.


Bean curd (approximately 400g)
Oil (one table spoon)
Rice vinegar (to taste or liking)
Korean chilly paste (1 table spoon)
1 fresh chilly
Coriander/cilantro seeds (grinned - 1 table spoon) 
chopped garlic (3 gloves. must confess that I used plenty of garlic in my cooking)
Soy sauce (I don't use salt in my cooking for certain type of foods)
Sesame (about 2 handful)
Honey (1 tablet spoon)


Heat the skillet and add the oil. Add garlic and chilly - once caramelized add water and Korean chilly paste, rice vinegar. Once the stocking is boiled add the bean curds. Cook until the stock is almost dry then add the honey and sesame. let it dry a bit then dish it up.    

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