Saturday, April 19, 2014

Home-cooked meals

We had soup for diner last night (ចង់ហៅស៊ុបឆ្នាំងដីដែរ តែតាមពឹតមានតែឆ្នាំដែក ចង់ហៅ ស៊ុប  ស៊ូគីដែរ តែប្រើគ្រឿងទេសខុសគ្នា៑) . In fact, this was the first time ever that we did not use any red meat based-protein except 17 fish balls.

ផ្សឹត ពពុះសណ្តែក និង តាំអោរ

These are today lunch, with my extended families from New Zealand, Philippines and China      

We are a bunch of food lovers in particular the cultural dishes. We actually rotate our rendez vous place among ourselves when and where ever possible to do so.      

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