Thursday, December 12, 2013

Early Childhood Education


Early Childhood Education is all about giving our children the head start and well-prepared them for years later when they reach the age entering the Primary School.

This story is based on my personal my personal experiences.

We (my wife and I) as a parent we have decided to put our son William at the pre-school centre at the age of 2. That time, we were working full time (in Cambodia) though he was home with grand-parents (his maternal grand-parents) most of the time. At the back of my mind at time, he will, one day, eventually come to live in the unknown country (Australia) to him, its way of life and the language he would have to learn, understand and speak leave alone be master of his own future, the pathway he would choose for his own future.  
We all are aware that a two (2) years old won't be able to learn much but at least we, as the parents can do, is to well-prepared them for years to come. My wife and I decided to enrol him at a Chinese Christian managed Day Care/School at Psar Depo (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) where he taught some Chinese (Madarin) and English.
That was not our utmost intention at time - to learn the languages. We, definite aim at time, was to get him out from his comfort zone (being with grand-parents and being looked after) and mingling with other children and adults.
Our strategy does work. He interacted well with the unknown people to him on very his first trip to Paris at two and half years old. He learned and started asking questions on things he saw. For instant, a lady (from eastern block) and her daughter were on the street begging. He asked me "Why did they do that?". My reply "They are from other country. No work thus no incomes and therefore they don't have money to support day to day living cost". He then asked for money so he can donate it to them. He got the money and donated to the lady. The lady thanked and kissed his hand. He asked me again "Why did she kiss my hand". My reply "That is because she appreciated your donation and it is her culture to say thank you".
Early Childhood Education is not about learning a particular language but it would help our child/children to interact, play, understand circumstances;, and most important of all Respect/courtesy and behave in different environment.

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