Saturday, October 26, 2013

How much water should we really be drinking?

Did we drink enough water each day?
I can reassure you that I am the most culprit when it comes to the amount of water I drink per day. And yet, I always either asking or encouraging others to drink more water (subject to individual).  
The only time, I felt I have been drinking enough water is when I was at work (due to the nature of my work - walking constantly during the shift). At home, it is lucky that I may have four glasses for the entire day. My boy, matter of fact, he drinks more than me.
Now the experts have finally give us clear cut answer to the long awaiting question "How much water should we really be drinking?"
According to Associate Professor Tom Crowe in nutrition at the Dean University:   "The guide said a suitable allowance of water for adults was 2.5 litres a day.
He also pointed out that "But most of this water could be found in prepared foods,".
Those prepared foods he referred to are:-
"Drinks like soft drink, fruit juice, tea and coffee, milk, and foods like fruit, yoghurt, soups, and stews. All have appreciable amounts of water that contribute to fluid intake,"
The Associate Professor also emphasized that  "The amount needed is extremely variable and depends on a person's body size, physical activity levels, climate and what types of food they are eating,"
Honestly, being a small frame person and less body weight, I don't think I can drink more water than a big frame, tall and muscular person at any given time (during summer or winter).
One important tip of all by the Associate Professor Crowe: "If your urine is lightly coloured or clear, you're drinking enough. If it's dark, then you should drink more."

Source: ninemsn - Health & Well-being

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