Friday, October 18, 2013

Blood Pressure Monitor & Pulse Oximeter

It is handy to have one of these at home. The price may vary from one manufacture to another.
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 
Manual (wall mount/stand) Blood Pressure Monitor
Manual Blood Pressure Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
All the automatic equipment are easy to use. Within seconds, we would have the reading. However if the failed to have a correct reading to the fluctuation of systolic or diastolic, it will automatically re pump itself until an appropriate reading is detected. Personally I would prefer the Manual Blood Pressure Monitor.
** Systolic = is an ancient medical term first understood as a gathering of blood and later contraction of the heart. More recently it is understood as a force that drives blood out of the heart and diastolic is the period of time when the heart refills with blood after systole (contraction).

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