Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why do we need regular medical check up?

Many of us have often heard three (3) most repeated words "Health, Wealth & Longevity" during the Buddhist monks' chanting and those verbal and written well-wishes from our love ones or friends during birthday however some of us (if it is not all of us) are taking our health for granted.

I can safely say men, in particular, are probably the most culprits when it comes to health issue. I have often hear these following statements: -
- I know myself better
- Noting wrong with me
- I am a man. I born being the tough person and fit (these are a man's normal behaviour and attitude - being macho and tough); and yet the numbers of men suffer from prostate cancer and depression are in Australia at an alarming rate.

A visit to the doctor is not a constituted that the person concerned has health issue but it is rather a wise decision for the person has ever made for own benefit.
Here below are just a few examples of benefits for a regular health check up (examination): -

- Regular health exams and test can help find problems before they starts.
- They can help find or detect the problems early
- And the chances for treatments and cure are better.
The type(s) of examination(s) and screening one's need totally depends on one's age, health and family history, and lifestyle choices (lifestyle choices are including those in which are known to be health risks) such as what you eat, how active you are. 

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